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All prices of the products sold via include VAT.

How can I pay in the webshop?
With us you can choose from several payment methods
Jacob&Nora offers you the following payment options in the webshop:
- Pay with Paypal
- Pay by credit card (American Express, MasterCard, Maestro and VISA)
- Pay with Klarna (not available at the moment)

How can I pay via PayPal?
Pay directly online via your own Paypal account. That means paying in your own trusted internet payment environment. Easy and according to the security requirements of your Paypal account.

How can I pay with a credit card?
You can pay for your order in the webshop with the following Dutch credit cards: VISA, American Express and MasterCard. If you choose this payment method, enter the credit card number, the exact name on the card, the expiration date and the 3-digit CVC code (last three digits on the back of your card) on the payment page.

To protect your data, it is sent fully encrypted via SSL servers and is therefore protected against access by third parties. Your credit card payment will be authorized at the time of ordering. The cardholder may be contacted to prevent fraud.

The amount will only be debited after the order has been delivered. If it is not possible to deliver the entire order, only the amount for the part of the order that has actually been delivered will be debited.


How can I pay via Klarna?
Jacob&Nora offers the option to pay with Klarna. Klarna carries out the complete post-payment process. This means that you will receive a digital payment slip from Klarna by email to pay for the purchased product. (not available at the moment)

You can pay at Jacob&Nora via Klarna with a digital giro payment up to an amount of €300. To approve your request to pay by giro, Klarna carries out a data check. Klarna applies a strict privacy policy as described in its privacy statement. In the unlikely event that your request for payment by giro is not authorized, you can of course pay for the product to be purchased with another payment method.

If you have any questions, you can always contact Klarna. For more information, please refer to the consumer section of the Klarna website.

Please note: you should also receive two emails from us with the Klarna payment method.

In the first email you will receive a confirmation of your order and in the second email a confirmation that your payment has been approved by Klarna. Did you not receive this second email? Then your order probably did not go through properly and will therefore not be processed.


Secure payment

Is shopping on safe?
Shopping at Jacob&Nora is very safe. To protect your data, it is sent fully encrypted via SSL servers and is therefore protected against access by third parties. This means that your personal information is encrypted and cannot be viewed by others.

We comply with all rules of privacy legislation and all other legal regulations.
And we never give your personal information to third parties without your permission.


Will I receive confirmation of my order?
Each completed order will be confirmed by email with an order confirmation.

What can I do if I have problems during payment?
If it is not possible to pay even though you have already placed the product in your shopping cart and created an account, we recommend that you delete your browser history (see top right of the internet browser, history, delete history). After this, you can place the product back in your shopping cart and proceed to payment.

Can I cancel an order?
This is only possible by emailing before 5 p.m. on the same day of ordering, stating your name, order number and order date. Your order may already have been processed, in which case you can only cancel the order by returning the package.


Service & Warranty

If the product has a defect that was not visible at the time of purchase, you must notify us within a reasonable period of time after discovering the defect. If, in the opinion of Jacob&Nora, the product is indeed defective (which are not due to normal wear and tear, misuse and/or failure to perform maintenance), Jacob&Nora will repair or replace the product within a period to be determined by Jacob&Nora. reasonable period. During this repair you are not entitled to a replacement product or any form of compensation. If, in the opinion of Jacob&Nora, repair is not possible, or if this cannot be expected from Jacob&Nora given the costs of this repair, Jacob&Nora will offer a comparable replacement product. If this is not possible, we will refund the purchase price.

If the instructions given by Jacob&Nora are not adhered to, or if you have used the product incorrectly or have not carried out any maintenance on the product, you are not entitled to any form of repair, replacement or compensation. The possibility to invoke any form of warranty also expires if the product has been processed.

Damage to the following watch parts: the glass, the strap, the crown/pin and the battery are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. However, the manufacturer's warranty does not affect the legal warranty that the consumer is entitled to. Legal warranty means that a product must do what the consumer can reasonably expect from it.


If you have any questions about your order, you can email We will process your question as quickly as possible, but no later than within 3 working days.